Hello everyone,

Thank you for your votes yesterday.

I promised myself that if I won one of the Yoorsdecember challenge that I would put the money into a pool, in memory of my dad.

My dad was my absolute hero, he was cool, calm and collected. Always patient. To the end, all these characteristics remained. I can honestly tell you he never lifted a hand to me or raised his voice at me, not once. He set the standard for which I would allow any boy in highschool or even college to treat me.

My dad passed away on 20 December 2016. That day a piece of my heart well and truly died with him. I went through the worst time of my life and it took me two years to really accept that he was gone.

I realised that I should count my blessings for the time we had together and for the fact that I had someone that I loved so much in my life. That I had a father that left such a void in my life, means that I had a good father.

Loosing someone over Christmas, really, really sucks.

On the 20th of December 2017, I started a tradition, every year on the anniversary of his death, I go and do something I have never done before. I do this to remind myself that my dad would want me to keep living my life.

But you probably want to know, what is the pool about, so here goes.

When my dad got sick with cancer, I use to often tell him to hold on to hope and he did to the very end. The symbol for Hope is an anchor.

After his death, whenever I see an anchor I take a photo of it. People who are close to me often share photos of anchors with me, and when I post anything with an anchor they know that it has something to do with my dad.

And so I thought in memory of him this year, to ask you to post photos of anchors. It can be an anchor you saw in the past, one you have at home, it can be a drawing, I don't care. If it is an anchor, I want to see it.

Please add to your post, where the photo is from, so if in The Netherlands then you could say photo taken in The Netherlands.

Please use the hashtag #supermario

My Dad's name was Mario, he kind of looked like the Super Mario character on the game, short with a moustache. But he really earned that nickname through his battle with cancer. He was given 4 months to live... he made it to 22 months instead.

Looking forward to seeing all your anchors ⚓

A pool in memory of my Dad