The greedy Dutch have reached Yoors


First of all, I want to say that I am very happy with the initiative that @Henkjan the Warrior has taken to #yoors and still keep running. Also among others @Babita de Boer that supports henkjan to keep the site running. In addition, I want to write straight away that I do not write this because I want to determine the rules on Yoors. This does Henkjan happily and I leave that too would. But in order to keep yoors running, there must also be income (I hope Henkjan and his team are working on this) in order to be able to pay out the (sorry I say) greedy Yoormembers (read: Dutch). Of course I also participate with #pools and that's an extra fun drive to write or to share things. But when I see then (this I also tested out myself) that you with a picture, a song (without any text at #police ) and high rewards already the pool can win. While there are also people like @De Craft teacher Ede @Mirelle -Creametkids @ElisabethsKitchen 👩‍🍳 @Ellis @Dewaputra @Naturefreak and many others who do a lot of research, take pictures, make videos and make the most beautiful creations and then do not win because they give too little reward. I really think this is a pity that the reward goes over a better and more beautiful blog. Sometimes a part of the Internet is copied to paste it and then put it, sometimes just a photo (some pools are also for this), a music clip, often without explaining the background of a music video, artist or song. Good thing you have a big supporters, this blog would make mine smaller. But also think of the blogs that have really been put into serious time. I am of the opinion regardless of the high reward I have often seen ticking against 100 points and several times already 150 points that there is a difference between the reward received and the content of blogs. This is what I mean with the greed of the Netherlands is also here on yoors. Make blogs to win and receive a reward totally fine. If you find an article refer to that and do not copy and paste texts. I also post a link to an article but write something about it myself in my own words and write it with some research (extra info or background info) and own input. Of course, everyone is different and that makes Yoors so beautiful. But when I see that some day in and day out join almost every Pole. And often only with an article, photo or video to win the pool by giving a high reward. I find that a bit greedy when members are involved every day in the many and many pools. It doesn't have to be changed, but I wanted to share this with you guys anyway. And I wouldn't make myself popular with this because some of them feel appealed to. It's not meant to be personal, but also think about the others and let's keep it fun and cozy. #nederland