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After NRC Handelsblad published an article about the bonuses at , many people reacted indignantly. How is it possible that the management of a company will repay itself in spite of poor business results and despite receiving state aid?


In total, €28 million in bonuses to the three-headed business stop. Here even needed a modification of the bonus rules. Of course, it is said that these bonuses were needed to keep the top people. But as someone pointed out, what's top about these people, who are rewarded with millions when — to put it mildly — feels like inappropriate?

Among the many angry reactions to social media, we came across a message from Ed Smit running a travel agency in Costa Rica. On LinkedIn, he asked to share his story as much as possible. That's what we like to do at this. Is it optimistic? At first glance, maybe not, but we think it is positive when many people see how 'poor' a 'rich' company like Booking can be. We also welcome the emergence of sound transparency, so that it is known by name and name who is hiding behind such practices. So that karma will one day find its way to CEO Glenn Fogel, Vice President Peter Millones and Financial Director David Goulden. Of course, we as optimistic editors do not mean something bad by that, on the contrary. We just hope for the spontaneous emergence of a conscience with this trio.

Read the post of Ed Smit below
We are a travel agency based in Costa Rica. Our customers are our sellers, we are proud of. We have added value in the niche in which we operate. ''3 on Reis' showed that two weeks ago in their program about Costa Rica which has been facilitated by us.

This text is not about us, but about all the companies that are active here in Costa Rica in the main pillar of the economy, tourism. The hotels have been suffering from Booking's policy for years and are in a strangling grip. That's no point in itself, doing business is hard and you always have to stay sharp.

However, what is happening in the Netherlands with the company that generates more revenue in Costa Rica than anyone else, , is outrageous and affects many companies here in Costa Rica. Not only the travel agencies/tour operators, also the hotels.

The million-dollar support given by the Dutch government to , everyone here in Costa Rica was a thorn in the eye. But today something snapped in me and with many colleagues here in paradise.

The American directors of the Dutch company simply get their 28 million Euro in bonuses. Money that comes from the Dutch taxpayer who then books with the same .

It's all legal according to Minister Great Tit, and he will no doubt be right about that. But if this is legal, then something goes seriously wrong in the Netherlands and it is high time that the sober mind finally prevails over the laws and regulations from The Hague.
I have only 1 request. Share this with as many people as possible so that we will at least think about it with each other whether or not this is what we want. I'm not an activist, anything but that, but in my opinion, a very fat line is being crossed here..

Thank you for sharing, greetings from paradise,
Ed Smit — Edventure Costa Rica S.A.