The witty design

Anyone who reads Dana's stories probably already found out that they are mostly fun, funny, humorous and witty. Haven't you figured that out yet? Fie! Fie! Three-yard: Fie! Then it's time to fill that gaping gap in your development first!

While some figures may now be working on this unthinkable gap, I can finally move on to the order of the day. What did I just say? So witty. That calls for a special outfit.

It is a bit regrettable that with such a costume the use of colours is logically limited, but of course that is entirely made up with the necessary accessory: the bag. Why such a big bag? Apart from the incomprehensible necessities that a woman, on average, carries with her in her purse, there must be enough room for a large dose of imagination and incongruence to produce even more stories. That makes sense, so. I proudly present here, as an upcoming talent in the world of #fashion , to you then the new, witty creation in the autumn fashion design contest:


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