Tips to move more during the rigorous Corona measures

Summer is coming, it is radiant weather!!! Unfortunately, we all have to “stay in our room” because of the strict measures during this corona crisis. That's why it's a little more difficult to get our daily movement now that the fitness centers and sports clubs are closed, now that we are no longer allowed to exercise together, now that many of us can no longer go to work,... However, it is recommended to take some exercise daily. Try to go out as much as possible, because your daily Vitamins D (sun) can do wonders. How sure the necessary distance if there are still people nearby!!!

Here are some tips to take on new habits, both at home and outside. You are not supposed to apply all the tips, because not all tips will be feasible for you! Take out for yourself those things that you can or want to do easily, or less easily.

Plenty of choice!

- During the daily chores, a lot of extra movement moments have been added. Make detour in the house: do not take the shortest route to e.g. the toilet, the bathroom, kitchen,... Walk around the dining or kitchen table. - If you go upstairs, you first come back down once or several times and then back up again. - Or, you can also go up the stairs backwards!!! Walk the other way around, yes backwards. - If you don't have a kick, do a few squats in between. - An extra vacuum or cleaning also provides extra movement. It quickly provides a consumption of 180 - 200 kcal /hour - Starting the big cleaning is a whole workout in itself. Read more here - Walk around your house during a phone call. Can you motivate you to take extra steps. - Walk yourself to the basement or pantry instead of turning on the children. - You can also move while watching TV, step on the spot, squats,... - Take the WII back out of the closet, do the kids not play with it? Bring out the child in yourself, because with the wii sports, wii fit plus, wii resorts - Mss did you ever buy weights or other sports attributes? Get them out of the closet!!! Challenge each other. search the internet for appropriate exercises for you and your family. - Via you tube (or other internet channels) you can easily find aerobics, zumba, fat burning,... videos. - Dance!!! Radio full bowl and go loose!!! - The 7 Minute Workout is a very handy app that helps you to do squats, push-ups, jumping jacks,... - Whatsapp groups, FB and other social media, there are a lot of challenges to face!!

- EXTRA WALKS For people who like to go outside can easily go hiking. Half an hour a day has a lot of health benefits. BUT!!!!! SOCIAL DISTANCE!!!!! KEEP DISTANCE!!!!! - Walk more often with your dog. - If you have a treadmill at home, you might as well walk on the treadmill or ev. I turn on netflix and I've walked or walked a lot more quickly. - Go for a walk or ride a bike with your kids. Encourage your children to take part in a walk by letting them collect things like beautiful leaves, flowers and stones. Catch pokemons. The craze has been lying down for a while now, but it is a good way to get moving. There are villages/cities here in Belgium that have encouraged each other to put bears in front of the window. Bears spotting makes it so much more fun for the kids!!! - Boost your walk by using Nordic Walking sticks. Then you also train your arms. Vary in the speeds at which you walk. First slowly and then faster with a minute of fast walking every now and then. Reward yourself at a certain number of steps by e.g. putting a euro in a jar, no, no cake or cookies,... After some time you can get something nice for it. - During cooking, ironing, hanging the laundry,... put on a good workout music and go loose!!! - For people who now have a garden, start a vegetable garden (little). You are in nature, you get extra movement through it. Weeding, digging, mowing grass, pruning and planting new plants is often bending down and standing again,... and it is very satisfying when you start harvesting. Don't you have that much space in your garden? All you have is a terrace? Even then you can, in little space, grow some plants, herbs, strawberries,... On the Internet/ pinterest you will find a lot of inspiration to start.

What do you do extra in your routine to get more exercise? Just let me know.

Mss, it can also be an idea to learn to meditate. For many, these are fearful times. Through meditation you can get peace in your head, your fear will decrease. Feel free to take time for yourself, because it can sometimes get very busy now that everyone is at home, we are, as a family, closer to each other's lips. Sometimes boredom can start to strike. Frustrations are worked out on each other. Meditation can help bring peace.

Keep it safe all!!! It's not always easy or easy. But respect the measures taken. They're here to eliminate this vicious virus as soon as possible. The more the rules are not applied, the more likely it has to spread, the longer it takes!!!

The big cleaning is work-out in itself
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