From garbage to Halloween crafts!

Halloween at the nursing care centre of Ineke van der Linde. In the next 4 craft projects you can get an idea for Halloween. Most of the material is recycled, so that's immediately low-budget and also durable. Below these ideas, there is some inspiration material for Halloween!

1. The pumpkins are simply old newspapers folded into a large clot (little in the shape of a pumpkin) and fastened with painting tape. Idea of Ineke himself!

This idea in terms of witches is inspired by Crocobranch.

2. The scarecrow was redrawn by me in large from a mold (AH-farm mini) on a thicker cardboard and pre-punched. Children from 5 years old can already finish, paint and dress it. A dandelion on the hat. Dried corn leaves on the stand. This one is dressed by a 5-year-old girl.

3. The ghost of a jar is not new, but nice and easy. Old bandage and 2 bandage cramps, wiggle eyes and marker. The other is from a milk canister (2 ltr), plastic forks and spoons and the hat is a plastic cap.

4. The witch at the door: hat=point twisted from A4 sheet, stuck on one edge. Wraps of hair = half A4 in length fold in half and cut 1 half strings until fold and stick to hat. Coat=garbage bag under her. Armenia=kitchen roll. Hand=Sheet of paper and wrist paste in kitchen roll. Legs = kitchen roll with old socks.

The broom is a half-pringle can (wrapped with a colored sheet of paper). In it is a strip of solid brown cardboard (banana box paper) where strips are first cut into and then rolled into it.

This is made with a girl who turns 7 this month and is allowed to throw a Halloween party. A bottle that gets complicated with bandage gauze.. a real mummy you get soon, with nice tentacles made of chenille thread!

Halloween inspiration:

The Knutseljuf made 4 fun ideas with ice sticks. Click on the craft word of your choice and see how it is made!

Pumpkin. Frankenstein Witch Scarecrow

Colors for Halloween.

Coloring designer Suzanne Amels made these 2 fun coloring pages for Halloween. Save it, then print it out and go color!

30 craft tips for Halloween in an easy overview!

Contribution by Sonja Voolstra-Hayisma host parent:

She made cute Halloween crafts with the kids at her shelter. The first is a witch, which is made of an egg carton and paper. The 2nd is made of black paper on which a drawing is made, which is also cut out {or from pricks} Behind it is glued kite paper. You can hang it in front of the window, or even use it to make a lantern! The 3rd picture is a spider with a lot of eyes. Made of an eggbox part with chenille threads underneath!

Nice Halloween contribution from guest parent Yvonne Yanira Valenzuela Bello.

These cute Halloween ghokjes have been sent in by: Eveline Pieters. These ghots are made of clay!

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