Waar speelde jij mee?

Waar speelde jij mee toen je nog kind was?

Ik als meisje had een paar poppen

maar ze boeiden me niet zo zeer.

Ik hielp liever mijn moeder

met klusjes en zo meer.

Een speelgoedwinkel was er

en zelfs om de hoek.

Maar wij kwamen er weinig

want we kregen vaak een boek.

Ik las niet graag

maar mijn broer wel.

Ik was creatief 

en verveelde me niet snel.

Wat ik ook geweldig vond om te doen

was op rolschaatsen rijden.

Dat heb ik vaak gedaan met jongens

en met meiden.

De speelgoedwinkel heb ik later wel bezocht

toen ik regelmatig leuke dingen voor mijn kinderen kocht.

Het is zó leuk om aan een schrijfuitdaging mee te doen!

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Black and
I thought I'd try something else. During a winter walk I took pictures of some of which I shot right in mono (black and white) this has one disadvantage. You can't put them back in color. On the screen of my camera it looked pretty good. At home on the iPad I was even happy, okay there were also some I thought.... mwah 🥴 Here an overview of the black and white photos All made at the VlaardingSevaart. #blackwhite #photography #winter #zwartWitphotography
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Fear of ambition
What if? - Most people have at the end of their lives... Unfulfilled ambitions. Children, work, circumstances you often hear "I don't have time for that”. I'm someone who's not in this.. I go completely for my ambitions and sacrifice very much for my success, but it may be out of fear. I'm afraid of “missing something”... My biggest fear is that at the end of my life I wouldn't have done something I wanted to do, hence I'm going like a hard train. I deliberately work part-time so that I would have more time, do not look for a girlfriend myself and spend most of my time on my ambitions. But recently there was a bell ringing.. What if I accomplish everything now, do everything I strive for, and at the end of my life I've done everything.... but only. Never had children, never cottage garden baby. Isn't that a “missed something”? I had to laugh about it, because it's kind of ironic. My fear of not being able to achieve something is now also a fear of ambition. Because if I go for the cottage garden baby, then I have unfulfilled ambitions because of lack of time... But if I go for my ambitions, I might end up alone thinking I missed something.