Which overhyped food disappointed you when you first ate it?

Friends, family or social media hype you up with those beautiful food pictures of expensive looking food. And then when you finally take a bite yourself, you end up being disappointed. Ever had that?

I remember that that night I dressed up all nice so that we could go and eat some expensive sea food. The waitress asked us which lobster weight we wanted, and I told her to get me the biggest of the biggest.

She gulped and nodded friendly as she put it on her list. Just as she was about to leave to give the chef the order, we had to call her back.

"Ma'am, you did not take my boyfriend's order yet", I tell her.

Her eyes widen as she slowly realises that the whole lobster was for me. After we finally let her go and ordered everything, she arrives 30 minutes later with a huge red sea-monster.

I delved into the food and I couldn't believe it. The taste was way too familiar. It tasted like Conch, but also a little bit like shrimp. Don't get me wrong, it tasted amazing. But I was expecting something special and that I had never tasted before for a little bit more than 150 dollars. In the end I felt like I just paid for the beautiful red shell of the lobster, and I contemplated asking the waitress if I could bring that home.

Before I could do that, my boyfriend ordered dessert quickly as if he could read my mind....

What food do YOU think is overrated?

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