What’s the most useless talent you have?

I came across this article and I had to think a bit about the things I'm good at, but I won't be able to achieve jack shit with them in real life 😂.

My most useless talent is that every time I look at the clock in the morning, it's always precisely 11:11. Whatever I can do with it, I'm not sure... Maybe I'll put it on my curriculum vitae soon and see who will hire me. I can already imagine the job interview:

Boss: Oh that's great. You are hired and can start working today immediately!
Me: Oh my god really? Thanks so much, you don;t have to look at my work experience and education?
Boss: We always have a coffee break at precisely 11:11. And here in your CV, it says that you always know when it's 11:11. Congratulations, you got the new job as the coffee girl!

What is your useless talent?