Why Adding Hashtags to your Post can Make You Earn More

Over the many years we have seen social media grow on various ways.
Content creators have started using unique items while creating their post, such as at-signs, emoji's and links.
Hashtags is one of them too.
We can vaguely remember that it slowly creeped onto platforms such as twitter and Instagram, after one user inevitably infected others by using it.
But all of a sudden platforms adopted hashtags as their own and made them clickable hyperlinks.

Yoors got infected too

We all know damn well Yoors got infected with the hashtag-virus and we incorporated them religiously into our system.
Clicking on hashtags brings you to the specific pool page.
Heck, if you hover over them you can even see a special pop-up with too much information.

We've even made them mandatory and attached pools to them: a chest full of Yoors Points waiting for you to claim by simply adding a hashtag to your post and investing.
But to simplify user-experience, especially for mobile users, we have now made hashtags optional... Yes, so if one day you get lazy, you can leave these hashtags out.

But but but... we strongly encourage you to add them anyways. It is pointless to leave them out unless you do not mind losing potential new Yoors followers. Below I will attach 3 reasons why you should add hashtags to your post:

  1. Without hashtags your post is not really findable. Users will usually search for posts on Yoors by title or hashtag.
  2. By adding hashtags you can gain new followers. The users who are following the hashtags you added to your post, will always see your post on the homepage. Do you sometimes wonder how many people view your posts, but you can't find out how? Well, then I can guarantee you you added the correct hashtag and have gone viral!
  3. By adding hashtags you will be able to participate in pools. When pools contain boosters you will be able to earn more Yoors Points per like you get on your post. You can also win the daily pool prize if your post gets the most votes!

So with earning more I did not only mean Yoors Points. No, it will also earn you more interaction and followers. Which is a win-win situation, right?!

Do you know more reasons why adding hashtags is a huge advantage for your fellow Yoors colleagues? Please comment them below!