Yoors Music Challenge - No Face (a cover by Penny)

Hey everyone!

It's been so nice connecting to you here on Yoors! We feel so welcome thanks to all of your nice reactions on our posts until now, so we thought that it is time to share a song we performed together...

The first song we want to share with you, is a cover of a beautiful song, that we love to play! And it just so happened that there is a music challenge, that fits perfectly with our cover.

The song is called No Face and it is originally written by Haley Heynderickx. We mostly play songs that we write ourselves, but for this song we made an exception. We took some inspiration from her different versions and made it our own. We created a harmony for our voices throughout the whole song and we changed the arrangement as well.

Somehow it feels very natural to sing this song together and we hope you like it too!

If you like our version of No Face and/or if you want to hear more of our music, please like our post and follow our page! :)



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