She wants to walk in my shoes

My youngest, ever since she could walk has always tried on my shoes, she still does this now.

I wear a UK size 6 and she is currently a size 2. It is not uncommon for her to say "Please take care of these so that I can have them one day"

"But Gabriella, surely you will want to walk in your own shoes one day?"

"No Mommy, I want to walk in your shoes".

This photo was taken at a Mom and Daughter photo shoot. We wore similar dresses and had on similar shoes, though mine had heels.

Half way through the shoot, she stopped posing and said she wanted to put my shoes on. I then asked her what shoes I was suppose to wear... she smiled and handed me hers.

So today, I share these two photos, one of her putting mine on and the one of us in each others shoes.

#yoorsdecember  #shoe