Today I wanted to participate in the challenge theme but I had no photos and I did not have a particular idea to represent this theme, I must say thanks to @peerke70  who in one of his posts gave me a good suggestion after all shopping is going to shops and malls after walking even without making purchases, just for the pleasure of seeing the shop windows and so now here I am to invite you to see my shop window, honestly I would not like to advertise for me and I would not like to take advantage of the hospitality of #yoors and so now I share with you my abstract way of advertising myself, what you see are all works handmade by me with painting and collage to make my art known and then if you want, if you have time and of course pleasure you could give a look at my shop on this site: you are not obliged to buy anything, for me it would be important that you take a look and then say if you like what I do, I don't ask for more and all now at this point I can tell you happy shopping!
#yoorsdecember #shopping