Yoors Music Challenge - Losing My Religion Z

Yoors Music Challenge - Losing My Religion

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I remember it well. It was my high school days when the song Losing My Religion by the alternative rock band R.E.M. was on the radio. It was number 1 in the top 40 for many weeks. Recognisable with the guitar playing at the beginning of the intro and of course the song was all guitar. A song that stays in your head and you sing it along very quickly. I dove into this song and decided to try and make my own version of it. I left out the intro you normally hear with the original and made my own intro and I put the original intro in between after the first verse and chorus. I also played the piano succinctly, which gives it just that little bit of a different twist. Then I left the vocals as original as possible but with here and there some staggered notes and sounds or just a different rhythm.
I hope you like it.
It was a nice challenge again!
Have fun listening.

All the best,