#Yoorsnovember - Goal: 100 players in 1 day.

Dearest Peoples,

  1. The Yoors team has the ambition to have at least 100 players in 1 day in #Yoorsnovember
  2. This means that 100% goes out of the pot on that day.
  3. Each player is a 1% benefit from the pot. 34 players 34% etc.
  4. At the moment, I am making sure that we are replenished to EUR 100 every day.
  5. I think we've been on 42 players once in a day, so that's gonna be a Challenge within a Challenge. How Challenging!
  6. I promise that the moment we have those 100 players, I will raise the price to 300 euros at that time.
  7. The winner of that day will therefore receive 300 euros.

  • If we all let two people participate on a particular day that we decide together, we'll make it easy.
  • I'd love to hear your idea in the comments which are even more options that 100 players can get in one day.
  • AND I would like to hear what keyword of the day we should do that according to you. I will then choose the one with the most consensus.
  • Moreover, it is not forbidden to recruit votes because everyone can do so. In that sense, it is a fair playing field.
  • Furthermore, it is not forbidden to make a deal with someone that if that person wins because he is terribly good. You get something from that because you've alerted that person to this Challenge.

We can all learn from it, I guess.



If you want to participate, you have to click 'pool' when posting your contribution and #Yoorsnovember introducing
otherwise thing you do not join the price. So you have to explain that when you ask a new member to join immediately.

Here are the rules of the game: