Hearing poetry in another way!

Did you know you can taste your emotion like you can taste tobacco in your hamburger? Or that you can hear the painting? Stay open-minded with me on this one, my dear reader.

To tell a tale in another way, a few days ago I started a little research project wondering what can I do for my poetry to be more appliable for the readers, how to get closer to them or even (and that's a big one) how to make poetry popular again? There's something magical about poetry a just can't express with words because they are written feelings and life imprints. It's hard to explain feelings for feelings hidden in poetry for me. But, maybe the next video will do it better than I could with writing. Because music and guitar helped me to hear poetry in another way!

While playing my guitar free stile, a heard myself playing the poem I recently wrote: Look at the planet Earth, Human! I tried to play the melody while reciting the poem but... haha I'll probably make one funny compilation out of that now :D

Tell me in the comment, are You hearing the poem too?
Hope You'll Like it!

Scinceriously Yours,
Child of Nature #childofnature #music #poetry