Help me improve these Yoors promotion images

[Edited on 20.01.2021 to add the link to the post containing the final version of the images. Thank you to everyone for all the kind words and great suggestions!]

Hi everyone!

I've been tinkering with GIMP again, and this time around I thought I'd spend some time trying to create images that I could use on my social media accounts to spread the word about Yoors.

The result is what you see below: three square images, each in its own style, highlighting some of the features of Yoors that we all know and love. I've made the images square so they can fit Instagram's special format, but I believe they'll also fit nicely on Facebook, Pinterest, a blog and wherever else one can share a picture with the world.

My plan is to make them available here on Yoors as well, in case any other Yoorsie wishes to use them.

But BEFORE that, the point of this post is to ask for your feedback so that these images can be improved as much as possible before sharing. What do you think of them? Is there anything that needs to be corrected? Would you add or replace anything? What do you think of the colours? Any other thoughts?

I'd be really grateful for your input and would love it if @Henkjan de Krijger, Babita and anyone else on the Yoors team could chime in to let me know what they think of the whole idea.

As always, thank you for reading!

The initial drafts of the images are no longer available. Please click on the link below to see the final versions:

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