Yoors Pools: What happens when there's a tie?

Two days ago, we've seen the first case of a tie and Yoors members have rightfully asked who then received the daily prize. Before I tell you all about this eeny meenie secret (which isn't really a secret at all), I want to let you in on another. Some may have already spotted this.

Navigate through the daily leaderboards

Easily view today's, yesterday and overall leaderboards of a specific pool by visiting that pool or a post participating in that pool and selecting the different tabs. Are you in between them? 

  • Today's leaderboard shows the current progress and who might end up being first place.
  • Yesterday's leaderboard shows who ended up on second place, third place and the other positions, while highlighting the winner. Handy for quickly checking a contest if you couldn't check them before.
  • In the overall leaderboard you will see the Yoors Points handed out to all the winners of this pool and on which specific day.






Who gets the prize when there's a tie?

Let's say you are participating in a pool, but you see that someone else has gathered the same amount of votes as you. Do not be alarmed as the system fairly checks who got the last vote first. It's a race after all, therefore the first person who reaches the top is the winner. The date and time of each vote is carefully registered in our system. We will take this as an example.

  • Person A and Person B both got 15 votes before 22:00 GMT
  • Person A got the fifteenth vote at 21:00
  • Person B got the fifteenth vote at 21:30

Person A will be the sole winner of the pool that day and will receive the daily prize. 

Yesterday we've also had a case of a tie. As you can see on this picture, the first participant received the 18 votes first. Participating in a pool will earn you a lot of boosters if you managed to get a lot of votes, so you can receive a large amount of Yoors Points regardless of being the winner or not. Mind you boosters only get handed out if there's enough Yoors Points in the pool you are participating. Pools shrink and grow throughout time.