3D Autumn Leaf Making Kitchen Roll and Paint Flakes

Craft today with a completely new product for me. It's called Collarall Flock. They are sprinkler cans with beautiful colors of paint flakes. So these are actually dried paint pieces that are collected in a sprinkle box. There are several available colors to get. So you can get off with this. I made out of waste material a 3d autumn leaf. With these colors you let autumn go on your craft work. After you have glue as the surface, you sprinkle the colors on your craft. Very nice to do and make.

Age indication: Would do it to children who at least don't put anything in the mouth anymore.

Colorall FLOCK can be applied to almost any surface. It is very wear-resistant and easy to clean. FLOCK gives a natural stone effect!

Apply a layer of paint or Colorall Varnish Glue. In this still wet paint or glue sprinkle the paint chips. As you sprinkle from a higher height, the paint chips distribute more evenly (like snow). The FLOCK paint chips can be ground by hand to work even finer. After drying, gently rub off the loose parts with an abrasive sponge. After that, you can finish the whole with Collall Decoupavernis/Collall Deco Sealer. Strongly absorbent materials once pretreat with, for example, Colorall Gesso. Because the flakes are porous, they partially suck up the color of the paint/glue. FLOCK gives a different result on each colour of paint!

What do you need:

- 5/ 6 kitchen rolls

- Scissors

- Colall cuddle glue

- Collall flock brown/yellow

- Glue gun

- Black craft cardboard

How do you make it?

1. Glue the kitchen rolls together by means of a glue gun

2. Draw a leaf shape on this total of kitchen rolls

Cut out the shape with cardboard scissors, a little flattening is not a problem

4. Glue the kitchen roll with enough cuddle glue and distribute if necessary with a brush

5. Now sprinkle the paint flakes on your glued kitchen roll top

6. Press here and there and flakes into the glue

7. Allow to dry completely and make a leaf skeleton of craft paper -cut thin strips

8. Form the leaf skeleton and paste it onto the 3d sheet with a thin layer of glue




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