All you need is love

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Yesterday, when I saw that yummy challenging Boosterreep appearing in my screen with
a fun challenge connected, I thought almost immediately... that's really something for @Maddys FoodFun
What are you going to do Madeleine? I was thinking of a video with fruit and vegetables and music, but my own played music.
I wanted to be as creative as possible.
I was also reminded of my previous video where fruit and vegetables fell in love with the Preiffeltoren.

How can we stick to the theme of love?

Then the song All you need is love of The Beatles came in me.
I saw on the internet a nice picture of the cover which also contains this song. Yellow Submarine. Then a light went on
with me. Had I not made a Yellow Submarine object before? Yes! I saw more on the cover. A lot of colors,
flowers, balloons, trumpet, bit of retro and psychedelic style even when I looked like that. Then all images came into my head and started thinking even further and suddenly thought that I had previously made my own swirllolliepops of vegetable photos that were digitally edited. Funny that you can apply things you made earlier in a new creative project and that it all comes back to and in
fits each other. Well first let's see if I can remove all the parts I want to use in the video as separate elements without ugly white background from the photo. Search the Internet program and after a quarter of an hour I figured out how to do it and get to work. Build everything in the video. Cut, paste, change, change, change a lot of times haha, but playing is fun and certainly when you see the results under your hands. Also the tulip and the mushroom could participate in the story.

And that's how the story arose!

The Yellow Submarine is underwater and shows the first sounds of All you need is love.
I have included all the posts that have become part of this whole, so you can read how I came up with them..
Then of course there is a record player with a rotating fried egg.
Confetti to complete the party. Then the red background of the lollipop pops, that's a food picture of a slice of beetroot that I held against the light. You will see the beautiful structure in it, fitting in this story. Add the lollipops and again in the middle the fried egg. The lemons have a date! They dance all night on the illuminated dance floor in the discotheque.
They also love a romantic walk on the beach and love blossoms between their.
The tulips shoot out of the ground with happiness and start singing “All you need is love”
If you're in love, you'll get the creeps in your belly and just like this mushroom, you'll float a little bit..
Then a trip is made to Paris, the city of love. The lemons go on the Ferris wheel and to the Preiffel Tower
where the question is asked, “Will you marry me?” “I DO!” it sounds from Paris.
And there's the big day.. Congratulations, Mr.. and Mrs Citroen!
And then another small compilation of all the items that appeared in the video.
The video is ready. Now that the music is still practicing.. I don't have much time because the challenge has already started. Take a quick look at what notes in it
prevent and then practice. I want to make it sound like a harpsichord.
Music under the video mounted and voila ready.
Thank you for watching!

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