Boosters and community.

I like to give boosters to the community. Just because i like to see the results in the form of posts.

I thought i gave it to the community but that turned out not to be true at all.

They are mostly hijacked by a number of people who empty the booster with very poorly made content and the proceeds are then divided among the - as i call it - 'the thieves'

Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's morally acceptable to do it. No! You just steal from everyone else with this method.

As so often happens in the world. A small group of vandals ruin it for the majority. And demotivates the real community.

Not on my watch !

To be totally clear: I see this as stealing from your neighbors who are making good posts with good intentions and motivations.

Should I stop giving boosters? Possible . But then the vandals win.

Do we have to rebuild the entire system to make the boosters work by closing all kinds of loopholes? And put in a lot of new restrictions. Possible. But then the vandals win.

Am I going to act as a policeman and just delete accounts of vandals and thieves ?!

Or will the vandals become part of the real community and work according to the intention of the booster?

The intention is to make good and sincere posts and then collect a number of votes in proportion to the quality of the relevant post.


  • I want to put a lot of boosters in a real community.
  • I do not put boosters anymore in a non existing community.
  • Your account WILL be deleted if you choose to be a thief and not being part of the community.

The choice is Yoors.