Christmas for Pauline {Christmas story}

In this age of pins, cash becomes increasingly in the background. The question” Do you have a dime for me? 'is therefore no longer of this time. Yet the streets remain lit, the Christmas trees burning and the loneliness grows. In other words, it's time for another classic Christmas story in a modern twist.

Because we do see how Santa Claus are surprises flowing into our country. The wishlists, like those of Sander and Pauline, are being taken seriously.

17-year-old Pauline's been under the covers for hours. She's a little flu-like and she's worried about everything that's happened over the past year.

On the one hand, her life full of loneliness is no longer worth anything. How Loveless Has she not felt like herself in the past year? - She really don't know anymore. . She would have her life like this - with a note ' I want to die '- want to throw into the waste bin. No cock crowing at it!

But still something keeps gnawing at her. Deeply, she just wants to be happy . No fuss, no empty feeling, but real Happiness from the inside. Would Santa Claus want that and could give it to her? I don't want to! After all, who would ever want to help a blonde girl like Pauline? By the way, she has had these thoughts for years now and they are in fact the standard of her life.

She decides to put her wish on paper anyway. A letter to Santa Claus, against my better knowledge. And as her parents taught her, she hangs the letter on the clothesline at night. That's where Santa Claus gets him off at night. Now let's hope she posted the letter in time. After all, it's already night...

When Santa Claus has the letter in front of him, the tears jump into his eyes. “Rudolph,” he says to his faithful reindeer, “There are poignant stories in the world. But what can we do about this story?”

Rudolph picks up his nose and answers: “Santa, this is typically such a case of 'where there is a will, is a road'. Take a look at the footage from our camera in her room and we'll find the answer.”

While they're looking at the footage, Santa notices something. Even though the room is completely dark, a trickle of light shines inside. This is from the lantern standing outside her window. Therefore, Pauline will be advised the Christmas lights in the package all year round.

But there's more... Christmas will never be the same for Pauline. Because as strange as it may sound, Santa Claus thinks he should point her to the great Light. He will put the Christmas message in nutshell as a drop on the glowing plate share with her. Simple because it will help her.

When he arrives at her house with his horse-sleigh a few days later, Santa Claus strikes again. He's only just in time! Pauline taped her mouth and nose with solid tape. She really doesn't want any more! But Santa rips off the tape and gives her new breath of life , a new life.

Life has now taken a new turn for Pauline. From today on, she feels safe and loved. And she adheres to the rules. Road signs are life-defining for her now. Not only in physical traffic, but also in social life.

This is Santa's “Hohohooooooh “against the bad effects of pain and sorrow...


This is a classic Christmas story in the context of the writing challenge by Hans van Gemert for this month.

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