Eekhoorntje knutselen van afval karton en wc rolletjes

Ze zijn erg leuk en grappig om te zien en hebben ook een zachte vacht. Eekhoorntjes zijn gewilde dieren om naar te kijken die in al hun capriolen erg grappig zijn . Het leek mij leuk om een eekhoorntje te knutselen. Lekker low budget wederom, want dat blijft een goede manier om materiaal te hergebruiken.

Wat heb je nodig?

- Template eekhoorn

- wc rolletjes/ keukenrol

- Collall knutsellijm

- Creall acrylics ombre verf

- Schaar

- Pastelkrijt/ rasp

- Wiebel oogje

- Kwast

- Karton

Hoe maak je het?

1. Sla de template van de eekhoorn op in een map van je computer. Print deze daarna uit

2. Knip de template uit

3. Gebruik een groot stuk karton { doos/ verpakking}

4. Plak uiterst links je eekhoorn hier op

5. Creëer zelf een staart van je eekhoorn door deze te gaan opvullen met wc rol reepjes

6. Maak een wc rol plat en knip smalle reepjes af

7. Lijm het gedeelte die je gaat gebruiken in en druk de reepjes wc rol in rondjes en plak ze vast op het karton ( even vasthouden zodat het goed vastzit}

8. Je hebt verschillende opties qua opvullen van de staart:

- Rasp pastelkrijt en verdeel dit over de eekhoornstaart ( dit kan je zo laten)

- Verf de wc rol rondjes zowel binnen als buiten. Door de lijm laag die eronder zit krijg je een leuke structuur!

9. Verf de eekhoorn door de verf wat lichter te maken met wit erdoor

10. Trek eventueel de zwarte lijnen nog eens over om ze accentueren

11. Plak een wiebeloogje op het oog

12. Knip de eekhoorn uit met een stevige schaar


Hier is de template van het lijfje van een eekhoorn. De staart maak je zelf met wc rol ringetjes.

Deze template dien je eerst op te slaan in een map en dan kan je pas het gaan uitprinten.






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3 Leuke boekentips waar de eekhoorn een grote rol speelt!

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The man in the hat “The hat man”
Within that phenomenon known as shadow people there are many sightings about a being that shares characteristics with this phenomenon this being is commonly known as “the man in the hat” what is surprising about this being is the description given by people who have sighted it give because this is almost always the same and when it is not only has small differences it is usually described as a large humanoid figure that carries what seems to be is a long trench coat which reaches its ankles and its unique hat drink. It is said there are two types of men in the hat -The first and most passive is said to resemble the figure of a nineteenth century detective who manages to see as a shadow which is immediately static for a few minutes as soon as it makes eye contact with it until it gradually fades to it seems that it is only interested in watching and keeping people observed.. -the second “The evil” said this because it is said that it is negative energy that is made corporeal this resembles a very tall man with a black trench coat. His top hat or his eyes either red or black always dense some say they can notice factions of a man of a mature age and a gold watch. It is not known the real origin or what is precisely this strange being. Some people say they are beings of other dimensions which manifest themselves in the form of shadows and others say they are demonic entities who feed on the negative energies of the world many researchers of the paranormal have tried to give a reason to the apparitions of this being within what they concluded are originated by a series of bad experiences and negative emotions that accumulate in a precise place to create a negative energy such that it becomes corporeal yet this does not explain the effect that has on people who come to feel their living presence the terror caused by their presence and the apparitions in so many places of the world and its almost constant presence in sleep paralysis and night terrors CASE “HAT MAN (the man in the hat) IN"VILLENA” The story we are going to tell happened in the neighborhood of “la Morenica” of Villena, specifically in the 1990s. Inés and Roberto was a marriage of newlyweds, they bought a pretty and cozy apartment, it wasn't a great wonder either but they were happy anywhere. One day they were moving, Inés was cleaning the bathroom while her husband was climbing furniture among other things more with a friend of his, when suddenly the girl felt a chill on his back along with a presence behind him. In principle she thought it was her husband, but looking more closely there was no one.. Inés blamed it on the tiredness of those days, between work and moving I had a lot of stress. It was a couple of weeks and they were already settled on the floor, Roberto noticed that his wife was pretty weird lately since the move.. The boy asked him why he was so taciturna, to which she told him it was nothing, that nothing was happening. That same night something happened that Ines will never forget. Already lying down, Inés could not hit eye, Roberto was already asleep when suddenly they began to hear blows; “Knock... knock... knock..." A cada rato se escuchaban tres golpes con la misma intensidad, la chica fue a ver que era lo que estaba sucediendo, provenía de la puerta que daba a la escalera, de nuevo los tres golpes, Inés iba poco a poco acercándose la puerta, los sonidos se intensificaban a lo que ella grito: "¿Quién es?" Al decir en voz alta estas palabras de repente esos dichosos golpes pararon, nuestra protagonista miró por la mirilla de la puerta pero estaba muy oscuro, encendió la luz del recibidor, se armó de valor y abrió la puerta, nada más abrirla sintió en su rostro una extraña brisa bastante fuerte y de malas sensaciones. Apart from all this seemed like everything was right, went to the portal and nothing, there was no one there. While he was still out he was totally paralyzed, he heard those same blows inside his house.! He closed the door fast, felt again that presence of other days, a heavy and intimidating presence, walked a few meters down the corridor and almost reaching his room looked back, could not believe what he was seeing, it was a tall and very dark shade, with a “top hat” and what looked like a long nose! Inés went into his room and called her husband, told him what happened, but he didn't believe him at all, he told him that surely his imagination had played him a bad pass. A few months passed and Inés fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital, Roberto was taking care of her many days in the hospital.. A few days later, Inés's mother decided to take care of her a weekend and the boy returned to the floor, tired decided to take a shower and try to sleep a little, although concern for his wife did not let him rest. When he was about to sleep, noises were heard in the kitchen, Roberto got up and felt a rare presence, he had the feeling that there was someone there, but he knew perfectly that he was alone. He looked in the kitchen and in the washing machine room, but everything was in order. He decided to go back to bed, just as he was down the corridor he fixed to the back where the stairs door was, there was something there, it was the same shadow that said Inés, Roberto was paralyzed for a few seconds, that shadow was staggering from side to side! The boy turned on the lights and the shadow disappeared. Shortly after this, Inés was diagnosed with a serious illness and after a few weeks Roberto was out of work. They were having a bad streak, they ran out of a floor and had to go back to their parents. Currently they are fine, Inés recovered quite a lot and Roberto is working on a new job, they don't want to remember that tragic time they had to live. As for the apartment they bought it again by other people There are many sightings of this being Even I had experiences with this entity the most recent was just over a month ago when I appeared at night while trying to sleep I remember hearing how they ripped the door and after a minute I heard how it opened and felt the incredibly tense atmosphere and the presence of this being that I could see at the door of the room but felt it to the side of me at the time I tried to take my cell phone to take a picture and have evidence however for your convenience my body felt really heavy and when I try to take my cell phone I shut up but my body felt really tired I was looking at that being until I fall asleep have you ever had an experience with this being? #paranormal #thehatman
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Requiem: Chapter 1
- I'm orphaned looking at the two silver-grey urns on the steel plane in the lawn. It sings, but I don't really notice. The drizzle mixes with my silent tears and flows past my grief face. I want and will keep me strong, but nothing is more difficult. My soaked hair sticks like a snail in my neck. Wherever my parents may be, in these urns or as an immortal soul in some dimension, my thoughts are with them. I am neither an atheist nor a convinced pillar biter, but the longer I walk around this globe, the more I doubt the existence of a Supreme Being. Some call this creature God, some give Him a different name. “If “He exists and has power or influence on our world, if He has any power to intervene, then such a thing should not happen. Shooting images through my head. An afternoon in the snow with my father where we made a giant snowman with all the trimmings. The beautiful black hair of my mother that I liked brushing as a little child. The many ways of life I got from both my parents. A God who allows this, I don't want to know today. The person responsible for this is all the better. It is the only creature that possesses the ability to decimate, rape, slaughter and quartering its own kind without remorse. The only living creature that kills his own kind in an instant and goes on without looking back, without even dwell on his irreversible act, just as if nothing had happened,. The remains of my parents, twice a few handfuls of ashes, descend silently into their respective urns underground. A small copper-colored plate, not so large, on which in small letters their name, date of birth and death is printed, automatically slides across the space and takes their place. It seems to me like a misplaced magic trick: now you see them... then no more! In my heart, however, they will never disappear. Arturo Mitsukai and his wife Sachiko Matai had died a violent death. Violence is, of course, an unmistakable fact from the beginning of the existence of mankind. The survival urge that is embedded in our genes is difficult to cut out as a tumor or a tumour. It is peculiar to our society and burned in us as a mark. Both in humans or in society there is one rule, one law that is still valid. The law of the strongest! Sometimes the result of this law is directly proportional to the use of the power of the person using the force. Unfortunately, there are people who only know this answer, who only listen when they feel a hard hand. Another time, the aggression used is so excessive that the majority frankly disapprove of it because it passes its goal. But when that piece of perverse brutality touches you personally, it changes you forever. It's a cancerous tumor that keeps growing and at some point breaks open like an overripe pimple. With all the disastrous consequences. It crawls into your brain, it nests like a virus in your mind, a worm that does irrevocable harm. Friends and acquaintances of my parents, some of whom I had ever seen, people from the accounting office where I work, other completely strangers to me, have just expressed their condolences in a silence that is fraught with the way my parents literally and figuratively from life-carved. I just can't imagine it, I have to try to push my thoughts away in a separate corner where they may slumber in quiet grief.. That's where I'm going to keep them for a while until the time is right. Then, the moment it's necessary, I'm going to reenepen these feelings.. I will never forget what was done to my parents, never will I forgive the unsub! My name is Yukiko Mitsukai and today I promise retribution for these murders. I appeal to this blood deed. It is the revenge, the retribution that is the only exception to the peace-loving doctrine of the Akai. If it is not possible in these circumstances, if this promise is not at the moment, then I say that there is no reason for the existence of this use in the Akai. Exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures, you taught me that. As true as I am your daughter, I will find, and hunt your murderer wherever he may hide. If I have to search on the other side of the world or in the deepest pits of hell, he will not escape me. Even if that search lasts until I die myself or people kill me. In the course of that process, I will try to use all that you have taught me to achieve my goal. Because so much that's mine now comes from you. What you have given me is priceless. Something for which I must be eternally grateful and also am. My hands and feet will become my weapons, my mind will be tougher and sharper than the steel of a sword. I hope my vengeance can give you both peace of mind. The death of your murderer will not compare anything to what he did to you. That and nothing less I promise! Actually, I ' Akai' am at heart. ………. Arturo Mitsukai cut a leaf from a beautiful flower arrangement.. Arturo was in the winter of his life. His age, hard to estimate, could hardly be attributed to him his seventy-five years. Arturo was still as straight as he used to be when he was a proud and proud young man. His step was still confident and fixed even now. Maybe a little slower than before. His short cut white-gray hair was a natural pointer to the many years he counted. The wisdom that shone from his eyes, and the serenity in the words when he spoke of something, testified to years of experience but also to a well-founded knowledge of matters. His physical condition was tiptop, there he took care of himself every day. Arturo Mitsukai walked a little five kilometers every morning, outside when the weather was nice and otherwise on the treadmill he had purchased years ago. He also regularly cycled quite a bit of distance on his bike or stationary bike in his hobby room. A healthy mind in a healthy body was certainly not an empty phrase for him.. His greatest passion, however, was his greenhouse with exotic flora. Arturo had a large collection of flowers and plants. From dozens of species of orchids, including the hybrid species Cymbidium, Vanda and Phalaenopsis to bromeliads of different genera such as Billbergia, Guzmania and Aechmea. Yuccas and other tropical plants adorned his spacious greenhouse. In the beginning, when he started with some plants, he sometimes had a hard time distinguishing one species from another. Now after all these years of searching and working with them every day with passion, he knew them by their folk and Latin names.. Orchids, he sometimes told friends, thrive in high humidity. Therefore, they perfectly match with plants with a large leaf mass. He also told them that orchids are epiphytic, which means they can grow on other plants. Therefore, they are bound to a bark with a special substrate. To achieve a natural effect, one can make a kind of tree of it yourself and then combine it with, for example, the bromeliads he grew. Greenhouse building and its applications had few secrets left for Arturo, and sometimes he walked over to a random visitor with enthusiasm. He was forgiven with all understanding of the passion for his life's work. A layman in the profession would not understand what he was doing now. Why with tenderness and love he was still removing fresh green leaves and sometimes a flowering flower — pieces representing life — from a flower arrangement? One might think that this was an act of useless mutilation, a destroying a piece of natural beauty. Why he put the green petal and the cut flower separately in a bowl with tenderness would seem strange? He would soon find a suitable destination for this collection of cut flowers and removed plant parts. These leaves, flowers, meant new life. Fertilizer for another flower or plant. Their cycle of decay was part of the circle of life of another plant or flower. This was one of the roads that the Akai wandered. Akai or red in Japanese stood before the sun on their flag Hinomaru . This meant solar disk and they still coloured their national banner . For the Akai, that sun was the source of life and growth. The strength and aesthetics of a flower should not be subordinate to the quantity of the blossoms and the green of the leaf. Depending on the number and size of the leaves that were different for each type of flower. Thus grows and blooms a flower, a plant in all its splendor. Waste was a sin against the rules of nature. This way of life of the Akai brought balance, balance and peace of mind to the plant and flower world, as well as to the flora in the conservatory of Arturo Mitsukai. This way of thinking could be extended in a number of cases for some human life values. Sometimes one can develop certain qualities better by converting his known weaknesses in oneself into positive forces. The power of a man is only as strong as his greatest weakness. By going and working this way, man improves himself as a whole. By working on its lesser good sides, one strengthens the overall picture of oneself. When the door of the conservatory opened and the chill of the evening blew his fresh breath over the back of Arturo, he did not look back. The smell of jasmine tea met him in the person of Sachiko Matai, his life companion.. Like him, she was dressed in a sober black and white ensemble that extra accentuated her light skin. A skin like silk he knew so well, a body he still coveted. His love for Sachiko in the last season of his life was no longer marked by the bright colours of passion or by the impetuousness of youth. Now their relationship knew the gentle depth of control, a trait peculiar to their old age and the knowledge of their unconditional love for each other. Proof of this they have been providing for so many years, so many days together in prosperity and adversity. It goes without saying that one achieves such a thing only after a long time. To be able to walk the way of life together is a privilege that one can rightly be proud. It is indeed an adventure of trial and error, a process of learning and understanding, of giving and taking. Periods of happiness and disaster alternate as in every human life, but each time one helps each other back on top of it. That was the core of their love. It was not always an easy road, but it eventually led to the daily enjoyment of the deep affection between a man and a woman. With a loving smile as a silent thank you, he sipped the hot jasmine tea she had brought for him. He preferred this kind of tea, not only because he thought it was the best fragrance tea, but also because the tea was made by laying jasmine flowers among the leaves of green tea. He found that symbolically in balance with his hobby, with his hundreds of flowers and plants he grew in his conservatory. Actually, the tea he drank was of Chinese origin where they used ten kilos of jasmine flowers to obtain about one kilo of jasmine tea. The tea at Arturo had a calming effect and worked relaxing. It also promoted his digestion, which at his age was indeed important. Therefore, he was always grateful for the jasmine tea that his wife prepared him every day without fail. He still found Sachiko Matai attractive and slim, although she was barely five years younger. On several occasions he told her that. True love and affection is expressed in words and deeds. Sometimes after years of silence or blindly accepting an established fact, that self-evident affection disappears with a little bit and at a time it's gone, one day it's completely gone. Sachiko allowed to color her gray hair black at her age. Sachiko did this to please her husband and not out of personal vanity. That would be a sin for an Akai. Arturo had once told me that if he met her for the first time, it was her black long hair that he first noticed.. He fell first for her black shiny hair, then for her silent smile that always shone in her eyes and when he really met her as his future wife, he fell for the wife Sachiko herself. It was so long ago. Times gone by and then she was such a young and ignorant child. Now, as a grown woman, she put her hair up in a bun, but at night, in the intimacy of their bedroom, she loosened it and caressed Arturo with the same love and affection through her raven-black long hair before kissing her goodnight. Sachiko had never used anything of makeup in her life. By the way, her husband always said that she possessed some kind of natural beauty, still blushing every time after the little complement like the young girl she had once been. Even before Arturo drank his cup of tea, the light went out in the conservatory and several things happened at once. Arturo and Sachiko were both surprised, both by the darkness and by the strange smell of the spray that came out of the nebulizer nozzles. Shocked, they wanted to run together to the exit of the greenhouse but their feet refused duty after a few shaky steps. The world began to turn in front of their eyes like a blurry image and they remained staggering, seeking support together. However, those last steps that removed them from the oxygen-rich and liberating evening air were no longer awarded to them. The delineated perimeter of the conservatory door disappeared into an ever-darkening fog before their eyes as they both fell unconscious among their orchids, lilies, bromeliads and other exotic plants that shared their love every day. ………. Slowly, the world came back in varying degrees of pain. It was beating like a nagging banging in the back of his head, a moping in his teeth, a dry throat begging for water, and his old bones that were apparently bruised in several places. It was an extremely tormented feeling all over his body that woke up from the anaesthetic. Arturo moaned softly when he opened his eyes. The light was too bright, flashed painfully like the sharp of a knife through his mind so he turned his head very carefully to the right. To his great dismay and fear, he saw that his wife Sachiko was in the same circumstances.. Like him, she was with both hands and feet tied to a chair. She sat next to him within reach. If he wasn't handcuffed, he could touch them like that. So close and yet so far apart. Tagged with a dirty cloth she too was slowly reeling and looked around her amazed and anxious. A surprised and troubled look appeared in her eyes when she noticed Arturo. Then the first musical sounds slipped through the space in which they were tied. The tones sizzled like glowing hot coals through their awakening bodies. Both Sachiko and Arturo, who could taste a piece of good classical music in different circumstances, regained consciousness on the sounds of a gloomy Requiem. That's a Mozart piece, it shot Sachiko in the head, almost at the same time as her husband recognized the piece of music. The familiar words sounded to them, but a throbbing headache prevented both from amazing at this music . Facts mixed with their tormented feelings. The Requiem of Mozart was the last and unfinished work of the Master, composed on his sick bed. It had been figuratively and literally his last composition, his requiem. One of those futile facts that shot through the spirit of Arturo. Something that barely mattered right now. He knew that Frans Xaver Süssmayr had composed this unfinished composition of Mozart into a legendary polyphonic piece of music. Why Arturo was thinking about that, he didn't know? Just a neurotransmitter that passed some information through a synapse into a human's head. A chemical reaction at a time when other things were much more important in their difficult situation. They heard the sounds and words of Lacrimosa , the sixth part of the Requiem of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from various corners of the walls threatening to flow on them. Lacrimosa Dies Illa, In terms of Resurget Ex Favvilla Judicandus Gay Giant, On that day of tears To which the guilty man From the ashes will rise To be judged A theatrical figure dressed in a wide white robe entered the room and suddenly danced like an unreal ghost with swirling gestures around them. Arturo and Sachiko followed the creature with anxious eyes. In every tone of the death song he waved a samurai sword around them, between them, and finally hit them during that macabre dance occasionally with surefire blows. The shining weapon reflected light at every move and at every stroke. Flashing blows to injure, not yet to kill. As a conductor's measure, the white spirit used the razor-sharp weapon on the sounds of the song, like a master he felt and shielded to the rhythm of music. Lacrimosa Dies Illa, Cutting and carving. bumps and twists. The gag choked in part the screaming of pain, their begging for mercy. However, the blood flowed with every note, more and more in a gloomy crescendo, in a menacing climax. The white dress their executioner wore turned red, soaked with blood on the sounds of gloomy music. The song led to an inhumane tragic but certain death. And death danced like a devil around them! In terms of resurget Ex Favvilla Judicandus Gay Giant, Huic Ergo Parce Deus Pie Jesu, Domine, Dona Requirement Requiem. Then be merciful to him, Oh, God.! Dear Jesus, Lord, Give them peace. The life of Arturo Mitsukai and his wife Sachiko now flows very quickly into streams out of them. Their bodies had been torn and pieces of skin were hung up unmaterially on their bodies. In their blood-filled eyes there was no hope, almost no light left. Just a sputtering pilot that threatened to extinguish every moment. Dona Requirement Requiem . A plea! Give them peace! The white-red nightmare, which unfortunately was not a dream, straightened up in all its strength, ready for the last notes. The sword raised high above himself, and on the word 'Requiem' he pulled out with all his power for the final blow, beheaded his two victims with a smooth movement in one stroke with the razor-sharp Nihonto.. The final sung word of the Requiem shouted the form even louder than the voices of the choir several times, while the heads of Arturo and Sachiko rolled on the ground in front of his feet as a final release from their suffering. His ultimate satisfaction, their forgiveness in death! 'Amen, Amen, Amen!’ © Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere Requiem: Prologue or Chapter 1 - Requiem: Prologue - Requiem: Chapter 2 -