If you play, play well...

In Denmark in 1916, the carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen makes wooden toys with the leftovers from his company.
He wants to build a company that manufactures toys where only the best material is good enough.
A dozen years later, plastic makes its entry into the factory.
In 1934, the name Lego was born.
The name comes from 'leg god', which is Danish for 'play good'.


In 1960, a fire destroyed the part of the factory where the wooden toys are made.
This ensures that the wooden toy line is stopped.

In 1953, the first building slabs were created, on which houses can be built, but they do not click on yet.
The click system doesn't come in until 1958.

From now on, Lego is available in 11 countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands.


The first LEGOLAND amusement park opened in 1968.

In 1969 Duplo, the big brother, also appeared on the market.

From then on, the offer gradually expands.

The digital LEGO material will be released in 1997.

Source: the Toy Museum of Mechelen
Photos: Markus Spiske, Omar Flores and Samuel Ramos (Unsplash free images)