Low-carbohydrate recipe creamy green asparagus soup with shrimp

My previously appeared recipe for low-carbohydrate asparagussoup wasso much liked by everyone, that I wanted to share thiscreamy green asparagussoup with you. Unlike hislittle brother, the low-carbohydrate white asparagussoup, it isa lot sweeter and lesspowerful. Therefore, thisgreen low-carbohydrate asparagussoup isalso very suitable for lunch, freezing isalso no problem. So for the sweet tooth among us, I definitely advise you to try out the green asparaguswith shrimp.

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Low-carbohydrate recipe creamy green asparagussoup with shrimp

If you missed the previously appeared low-carbohydrate asparagussoup, here'sthe link: But don't forget to read further, because at the bottom of thispost there are more deliciouslow-carbohydrate soupswith which you can warm yourself up thisfall.

Low-carbohydrate recipe creamy green asparagussoup with shrimp, ingredientsfor 2 servings

  • Dash of cooking cream light (1 tablespoon)
  • 200 gr green asparagus
  • Creme Fraiche (2 teaspoons)
  • Chicken bouilion cube (for 5dl) (or make fresh bouilion for an even better taste)
  • Salt and pepper
  • 75 gramsof pink shrimp
  • 3 spring onions

Low-carbohydrate recipe creamy green asparagussoup with shrimp, method of preparation

  • Remove the topsof the green asparagus, and put it in a blender with 2 tablespoonsof water. Blend until smooth
  • Cut the bottom edgesof the green asparagusin half and lay aside
  • Cut the spring onionsinto rings
  • In the meantime, heat 5dl water with 1 bouilion cube (chicken)
  • When the broth boils, add 75 gramsof pink shrimp, the spring onion ringlets, the blended asparagusbudsand the sliced asparaguspieces
  • Stir equally well and reduce heat
  • After boiling for 5 minutes, add 1 tablespoon of cooking cream to the low-carb asparagussoup. Stir again and let it boil on low heat for 10 minutes
  • In total, your low-carb green asparagussoup cooked for 15 minutes, now you can add salt and pepper to your taste, and your low-carb green asparagussoup with shrimp isready to be served. When you are going to serve the asparagussoup, you only put 1 teaspoon of cream fraiche through it per plate. Not before, because then it can curdle and that ruinsthe taste of your low-carb green asparagussoup
  • Tasty food, and you liked it asmuch asI do, don't forget to share it with friendsand family

Some more deliciouslow-carbohydrate soupsfor variation

Have you tried thislow-carb creamy green asparagussoup with shrimp, please let usknow in a comment what you have varied and whether you enjoyed it. No credentialsyet? Create it easily via the link below

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