Pipo the Clown

In our youth we grew up with Pipo de Clown. Pipo de Clown was one of the first programs It was broadcast just before bedtime and lasted about 5 minutes per episode. The series played from 1958 to 1980. The last broadcast was on 19 April. 480 episodes appeared on television between 1966 and 1968. From 1971 a series of new actors appeared, but then the original actors returned. The series was conceived and written by Wim Meuldijk, the father of Belinda Meuldijk. name “Pipo and the P-P-Pearl Knight”. Pipo is the best known clown in the Netherlands and therefore the word "

pipo “has also been given the meaning” clown ". The trailer was pulled by the donkey Nononono. Pipo was played by Cor Witschge and Mammaloe by Marijke Bakker. Other important characters in the series were the Indian Klukkluk, the circus director Fat Door and the

crooks Snuf and Snout.

Photo: Seniorplaza.nl

All players had fixed expressions. The episodes always started with the same song, while Pipo arrived with his trailer. Pipo ended the episodes with the words: “day birds, day flowers, day children!”

Many used expressions of Pipo were also “sapperdeflap” and “Hup, Nononono, forward with the feet”.

Fat Door was played by Willy Ruys. Fat Door loved cake very much. He was chasing Pipo the Clown because he had left the circus of Fat Door. He was a mean man who had false tricks, but in the end he was always at the shortest end. Sayings of Fat Door were: “Pipo, cows!” and “Oh, how bad am I...”.

Photos: old LPs

Pipo's best friend was the Indian Klukkluk, who was played by Herbert Joeks. Known statements of Klukkluk were: “I am not scared, I am of the cautious!” and “those are the crazy ones”. The latter is still widely used in the form of “that is crazy”.


Furthermore, Klukkluk loved peanut butter sandwiches.

The crook duo consisted of Snuf and Snuitje. Snuf was played by Rudi Falkenhage and Snuitje by Will Spoor. Snuf always said: “beautiful p-p-p-pearls, fine p-p-p-pearls”, because he stuttered.

The Pipolied was on a compilation album, which we had at home. Children's programs were on it, such as “My grandfather, my grandfather” and “There you have Flipper”.

Do you like to return a few episodes from the past

, watch these movies!


episode in which the Fat Door is arrested by the police

Episode The Sweet Scot with Klukkluk in the

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