Writing Challenge July-August 2020

In January 2018 I took over the baton of Butterfly 73 to make a monthly #schrijfuitdaging to organize. That is two and a half years ago, and that amounts to 30 months of writing challenges. A beautiful time, with lots of beautiful, moving, inspiring, etc. stories and poems. But it is also intensive: it secretly takes a lot of time, not only in conceiving, but also in responding quickly, sharing, listing, etc.

I notice that my own inspiration is falling: time for a short write challenge to recharge the battery.

Now that the holiday (s) are on the doorstep again, I decided to send my writing challenge to a temporary holiday: in July and August I will not place a new writing challenge.If there is someone who thinks that the monthly challenge should be completed in July and August and has a good idea for it: feel free to go ahead!

But there are, especially for the challenge addicts, of course, even more ongoing challenges that you can indulge in, so you don't have to sit still at all. So look here too:

Boy, what a lot of times the word 'challenge' in such a small piece...