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So many good posts about the boosters in the #yoorsboosters challenge. Because of that I decided to make a top 3. Some people did not include the second requirement which was to add an explanation of the booster system, but they still made a very nice post! Thank you all for participating!



A booster is a donation, that is spread into pieces. In return you get more motivation and engagement on Yoors. Let's take the left picture as an example.

  • Instead of you receiving 50,000 YP in one go, you will receive it in 50 installments of 1000 Yoors Points.
  • However, you will receive  the 1000 YP on each HEART you RECEIVE from OTHERS. As most will say: 1 LIKE = 1000 YP.
  • That means you have to make new posts and comments each day. If someone presses the heart button on  your post or comment,  you trigger the booster.
  • Each time you trigger the booster, it will update itself. The circle will start progressing. When you received 20,000 YP,  the circle will say 20/50.
  • Once it reaches 50 / 50, your booster will deactivate itself as you received the full 50 euro's.
Think of  a booster as a donation in installments. Boosters can be given by you to other Yoors members or from other Yoors Members to you. Sometimes the Yoors Team also gives out boosters to give you guys a boost into making new posts and comments .A booster boosts you into making new posts and comment on other's pages.


Do you not understand why you your booster did not get activated? Boosters are bought by other Yoors members for their friends or for everyone. Some boosters have conditions though: conditions that can be chosen by the owner of the booster. Please check below on how to figure out the rules to activate the boosters.


1. Go to  to see all your boosters

2. Click on a booster to view more information about it

3. Some boosters require to be participating in a pool. Check the hashtag included in the booster.

4. Some boosters expire, check the Expires On.

5. Some boosters increase in value each time they get triggered, check their Effect.

6. Check the example to see how many YP you receive with each HEART.

Remember: The owner of the booster makes the rules for the booster.  Some boosters don't have any rules, these will be rewarded to literally everyone on Yoors who receives a heart.


Prize: 50 euro's  in boosters


Prize: 5 euro's in boosters

Seen a bug? Let us know by clicking Submit a bug report in your right side-menu. Please only submit bugs, any other questions about Yoors can be asked by looking for the contact details here: . #yoorsnews

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