Yoors Challenge: Win €50 by writing a post about boosters

Since a lot of people have asked for a simpler explanation about boosters, I am creating this challenge. It is still very unclear to many what boosters really are about . I understand completely: boosters is pretty new and because a lot of people have bought them, the way they stack makes it difficult to understand their behaviour.


  1. Add the hashtag #yoorsboosters  to your post (If you don't add this, you're not participating in this challenge)
  2. This post needs to at least contain an explanation about boosters. Write about your own experience. Make it fun and simple. For example: film video's about it, take pictures, you know what I mean? Make it creative and try to make it understandable for your fellow Yoors members
  3. You are allowed to make multiple guides for this challenge. For example: @Ingrid Tips en meer already created the first guide about boosters, but she's allowed to make more.
  4. There needs to be a minimum of 5 participants for the prize to be rewarded

Till when can I participate?
The winner will be elected by me on 1 October 2020.

What's the prize?
The winner will be rewarded €50 in boosters. (The irony, huh? If you wrote an explanation about boosters, you must ofcourse totally understand what the prize is ????)

It wil be a win win situation for the winner and all the Yoors members.
With the explanations made by fellow Yoors members, it will become clearer and clearer each time for everyone.

Hope you guys will take on this challenge and have much fun with it. Good luck!

Update: And the winner is ....

View the winners below.