Yoors Music Challenge - Cover Thank U - Alanis Morrisette

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Recently I made my own cover of the song Dreaming my Dreams by The Cranberries. It was my first time playing the piano and singing at the same time. It was quite a step, but I wanted to try it anyway. I hadn't sung for a long time and never thought I would dare to do it and that I would be able to. Still, I am glad that I dared to do it and the song was warmly received by you. Thank you very much! After that, it was quiet around me for a while, as I was suffering from bursitis in my right shoulder and arm. I'm still recovering, but after a week I started to get really fed up with it and it was only with pain that I managed to get behind the piano again. Is it wise, no, but Madeleine is just a little bit stubborn and longs for development and playing and so I listened to the song Thank U by Alanis Morrisette and made my own cover of it and again decided to try and sing along. I hope you like it. It was a little bumpy, but I am really enjoying this adventure. Thank you all for your sweet reactions, appreciations, really great! Without you as an audience I enjoy it already, but with you even more!


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