Let's go bananas!

Fits the banana into a diet? Where does the name come from? To these and other banana questions you will now find out the answer!

Fits the banana into a diet?

Bananas are generally banned by people who want to lose weight. But it strongly depends on which banana you eat. The ripener the banana, the more sugars it contains and the less it is recommended if you want to lose weight. Take a young, firm and just yellow banana. It actually contains hardly calories because this starch (which is converted into sugars) belongs to the fiber.

If you want to lose weight, you need to make sure that you take few foods with a high glycemic index. It makes the blood sugar level increase faster, causing the pancreas to produce insulin. This inhibits fat burning, because your body would rather burn sugars than fat. A (over) ripe banana has a higher GI than an immature one, because it releases its sugars easier.

Why should you eat bananas?

This fruit is in the top 5 of the healthiest fruit.

Bananas are a source of iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B6 and C. Potassium helps a.o. regulate the heart rate and prevent high blood pressure. (Note: those who take beta-blockers should not eat too much bananas!) Due to the high content of vitamins, bananas help in the production of serotin, which helps prevent depression and strengthens our immune system to fight infections. (One banana provides about 15% of the daily recommended amount.)

Immature bananas protect against reflux (heartburn, acidic eructation)due to certain drugs.

Where does the name “banana” come from?

Banana comes from the Arabic word for “finger”. The original, wild bananas, looked like a hand with short, thick fingers.

Where does the banana come from?

Alexander the Great brought them to the west, from Malaysia. Portuguese sailors brought them into Europe. A Portuguese monk brought them from the Caribbean to Central and South America. Thus, the banana spread all over the world.


Did you know that.... ?

Bananas are slightly radioactive. The concentration is so low that it can't harm us. An avocado is, by the way..

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