Koolhydraatarm recept romige groene aspergesoep met garnalen

Mijn eerder verschenen recept voor koolhydraatarme aspergesoep viel bij iedereen zo in de smaak, dat ik deze romige groene aspergesoep ook met jullie wilde delen. Anders dan zijn broertje de koolhydraatarme witte aspergesoep, is deze een stuk zoeter en minder machtig. Daarom is deze groene koolhydraatarme aspergesoep ook zeer geschikt als lunch, invriezen is ook geen probleem. Dus voor de zoetekauwers onder ons, ik raad je zeker aan om de groene asperge met garnalen uit te proberen.

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Koolhydraatarm recept romige groene aspergesoep met garnalen

Voor als je de eerder verschenen koolhydraatarme aspergesoep gemist  hebt, bij deze de link: Maar vergeet vooral ook niet verder te lezen, want onderaan deze post komen nog meer overheerlijke koolhydraatarme soepen waarmee je jezelf deze herfst op kan warmen.

Koolhydraatarm recept romige groene aspergesoep met garnalen, ingrediënten voor 2 porties

  • Scheutje kookroom light (1 eetlepel)
  • 200 gr groene asperges
  • Creme Fraiche (2 theelepels)
  • Kippenbouilion blokje (voor 5dl) (of maak verse bouilion voor een nog betere smaak)
  • Zout en peper
  • 75 gram roze garnalen
  • 3 lenteuitjes

Koolhydraatarm recept romige groene aspergesoep met garnalen, bereidingswijze

  • Verwijder de toppen van de groene asperges, en doe deze in een blender met 2 eetlepels water. Even blenden tot een gladde massa
  • De onderkanten van de groene asperges snij je doormidden en leg je even apart
  • Snij de lenteuitjes in ringen
  • In de tussentijd verwarm je 5dl water met daarin 1 bouilion blokje (kip)
  • Als de bouilion  kookt, voeg je er 75 gram roze garnalen aan toe, de lenteui ringentjes, de geblenden aspergetoppen en de gesneden asperge stukken
  • Even goed doorroeren en het vuur laag zetten
  • Na 5 minuten koken, voeg je 1 eetlepel kookroom toe aan de koolhydraatarme aspergesoep. Weer even roeren en rustig laten doorkoken op laag vuur voor 10 minuten
  • In totaal heeft je koolhydraatarme groene aspergesoep 15 minuten gekookt, nu kan je er naar smaak nog zout en peper aan toevoegen, en is je koolhydraatarme groene aspergesoep met garnalen klaar om opgediend te worden. Als je de aspergesoep gaat opdienen, dan pas doe je per bord 1 theelepel creme fraiche erdoorheen. Niet eerder, want dan kan het gaan schiften en dat verpest de smaak van je koolhydraatarme groene aspergesoep
  • Smakelijk eten, en vond je hem net zo lekker als mij, vergeet hem dan vooral niet te delen met vrienden en familie

Nog een aantal heerlijke koolhydraatarme soepen ter variatie

Heb jij deze koolhydraatarm romige groene aspergesoep met garnalen ook uitgeprobeerd, laat dan in een reactie weten waarmee jij gevarieerd heb en of je ervan genoten hebt. Nog geen inloggegevens? Maak deze eenvoudig aan via onderstaande link

Copyright afbeeldingen: Sabrina Jansen

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JAZZ AGAINST THE MACHINE's version of CREEP (RADIOHEAD) PDF Bass part including solo and video with transcription. I’ve been asked several times about this track that I recorded with the band Jazz Against The Machine: we did an instrumental version of "Creep“ from Radiohead and it’s pretty much a bass featured ballad. So I made this full transcription of my bass part with all the melodies and improvisations. You can check out the PDF in this post and the video with the transcriptions to play along. I hope You like it. We made the recording 10 years ago. It was summer and the studio was boiling hot. I do remember, that we had a good vibe recording. We are thankful for all our listeners who like this one song and who are being touched by the vibe of that moment. #JATM #jazzagainstthemachine #jazz #music #creep #radiohead #pdf #video #Music #yoorspdf
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The World of Alvergar: Chapter 1
The World of Alvergar: Chapter 1 The Storm awakens - #iwantthisbooster #shortstory #partnering #fantasystories Short Explanation: - The story of the “World of Alvergar” is an interactive story that is made together with everyone on Yoors! In this story, we bring this world to life by adding many different characters, places and events. It takes place in an imaginative Middle Ages where all kinds of adventurous stories take place. And the best part is that YOU can help! To make such a world I am already thinking a lot myself, but also like to hear from you, the people/writers/readers what you have to add to this. So let's build this together and let our creativity go.!! Which preceded.... - We have already added a lot of characters to the world in the previous blogs. (I will write more about this later.) So we have already nicely described our main character Flint and the village where he lives. We also have a start for the story, namely the storm! So for now I thought it was a great time to start Chapter 1 of the story and REALLY write something about the adventure of Flint. I would like to hear tips and feedback about my writing of the next story. I'm used to writing scripts and this is going to seem more like a story from a book. So I personally have no experience with this... BUT YOU PROBABLY DO! 😁 So be sure to give tips and feedback on the story and add something when you know something! Chapter 1: The Storm Awakens - It's a beautiful day in Emmenfield. The beautiful village that originated from cheese trade and also the buildings of cheese are. It's a quiet day for the Cheese Smith and his son “Flint Smithson”. The Smith is busy making a big cheese hammer, this makes him for the Emmental family, the richest family of the village. They have built Emmenfield over the generations and now have complete control over the cheese market. This also creates rivalry and crime. Because the Emmental family is only busy benefiting and keeping their own family in power. Are small groups formed secretly to stop their. Flint sits next to his father and looks at an old portrait of his family when he was little.. Here his mother stands up like a young woman next to his father. Flint was still a little boy with two big teeth. His father asks him if he can bring the hammer away. So Flint puts the picture away in his bag and tackles the hammer wrapped in a nice piece of fabric. His father waves him off while he takes another bite of a block of cheese. Flint runs across the market from Emmenfield to the big house of the Emmental family. He's stopped by a strange character, it's a goat person named Gar of the Chévre family. He tells about the rivalry of the Chévre and Emmental families. These families have been fighting for years, now more secretly than before. And if he brings the hammer to the family, that this will be the end of normal life in the village. Flint decides to ignore this and continues. On Suggestion of @Janne Marthies this rivalry has arisen. Arrived at the big house of the Emmental Family. He knocks at the door with the big door knocker. This looks like a beautiful golden ring in a cow's mouth. After waiting for a while, the big door opens slowly and has a heavy sliding sound. Whoever opens is not the servant as usual. It's no one but Rowdy Emmental this time.. Rowdy is a cow-like boy with the age of Flint. They've known each other since they're little and they always want to be better than the other. Flint is a bit surprised but slowly gives the packaged hammer. Rowdy asks, “Did you talk to anyone before you came here?? “Out of Flint's surprise he nods no. Rowdy says secretly: “Good, because no one can know that I have these until I'm done. Your father knows that, too. Fortunately, I sent him a surprise to make sure he doesn't say anything!” Flint looks up a bit of fright, Rowdy laughs and knows the door. Flint quickly runs to his house. Arriving at his house, he sees his father sitting with a cup of hot tea. Next to him is a strange man but he also seems to be sitting quietly. Flint walks towards them are the man introduces himself as “Albus Blaze, the Wizard of Emmenfield.” Flint doesn't recognize this person from his village and yet he's lived here all his life. Something doesn't seem to be right here. After a short conversation between them, Flint's father tells us that Albus is here to help give the village more life. Right now, Gar is running. Calling to Flint that he shouldn't have given the hammer and that he should get it back. Gar grabs to the collar of Flint fasten a in a kind of fear he shakes him back and forth. Out of nowhere burned Gar, the wizard Albus has shot a fireball at Gar and says, “He knew too much.” Flint is able to promote and do not know what happens to him. His childhood rival Rowdy who has a Hammer he's up to and then sent this wizard to his father who just took down Gar. The Smith grabs a sword and hammer and calls. “What's happening here!” Albus responds: “A lot is going to change here and I'm making sure no one gets in the way.” Flint looks at his father who wants to fight in full rage. The Smith says, “If that includes killing people in Emmenfield, I'm going to stand in the way of it!” He runs at the magician and hits the fireballs on the side this he shoots. Just before he wants to hit the sorcerer there comes A HARD Bang! The sky darkens and in the distance there is a dark cloud. Flint and his father watching what's happening, right now Albus sneaks away. There's been a storm in the distance, the father lays down his weapons and captures Flint. Flint looks up to his father, still not knowing what exactly happens. His father says, “It's time, the storm has awakened, and you're the only one who can stop this.” The End of Chapter 1? More is coming.. - More about the World of Alvagar: - The World of Alvergar: Emmenfield - The World of Alvergar: The Protagonist Flint - The World of Alvergar: First step into the World - A start of something new - This blog is written thanks to: - @Teresa Seia , @Adriana , @Maddys FoodFun , @Janne Marthies and the fans @Mónica , @Ellie Brokking alias Heart , @Zulaine Diaz , @ELINA RICKURA , @EnyaMona , @neygallardo , @Damaris Leon , @pitamaria2000 , @romero_carlos93 , @Naturefreak , @Paula Martins , @keepfaithbaby , @GMO Questions for the following Blog: - - Who meets Flint on his adventure? - What will be the second location of this adventure? - What's Rowdy Emmental gonna do with the Cheese Hammer?? In this I certainly hope again that I have been able to arouse your interest. The story is REALLY coming to life! The next blog we will write more about the characters. At least I have a good feeling about it.! Let's make a new adventure! Greetings - Marc