Yoors Music Challenge - I have nothing

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Hello all!

I creatively edited another song yesterday.
It is the song I have nothing by Whitney Houston from the film The Bodyguard. A beautiful song that has quite an emotional charge when I hear it over and over again. As you can see and hear, I am right back into this song. I am really amazed and excited how you can dive into a song and be completely absorbed in it. Every now and then, I give a wave to a sheet of music that I turn over, so that I have some grip on the melody line. I do this because I have never played light music, but only had classical lessons. In that respect, I throw myself in at the deep end. I can read notes, but don't ask me what AM7 is, for example. I know more or less Am, but the seven doesn't mean anything to me. It does when I see the notes. But even then I never play exactly what it says, because I often don't like it or want it to sound different or I hear it differently in my head. It's a long story again, but I like to tell you how I am going through this development. So I never really learned chords and playing only chords on the piano is something I find lacking in the whole. You have to sing along with it. I love it when you hear a melody line with your right hand in a piano piece. Opinions are divided about that, but I just really like classical music. And you can hear that in the classical variation in all the songs I've done. Actually, that's a bit of the voice in the whole thing. I do a lot by feeling and hearing. The rest is all played from within me, playing freely and going along with the song. A bit of layback played with a jazzy tune here and there. I love to do it and enjoy all the beauty and development.
Have fun listening!

Sweet greetings,