Netflix Tip for Parents with Kids: “A life on our Planet”

I saw on RTL news a nice viewing tip for parents and children about climate change. It's a documentary:A life on our Planet. This can be viewed atNetflix. Highly recommended to watch together with your children. And what is also emphasized is to discuss this with your children. A good way to discuss how vulnerable our Earth is and how we can become aware of it!

Photo:pixabay- Geralt Documentary quote: The nature documentary A Life On Our Planet was created by British biologist and television maker David Attenborough (94). He is best known for his many award-winning nature documentations broadcast by the BBC. In it he showed how beautiful the earth is. InA Life In Our Planet it's about something else: that this beautiful nature is threatened by the impact of man. And what we can do to be sparing on it! The link to the article can be found here: The trailer can be found here: