Overview of Italian cuisine recipes

Overview of Italian cuisine recipes

In this overview you will find different Italian cuisine recipes in various categories. Easily find your favorite recipe to put a delicious meal on the table! From traditional pastes to vegetable pastes, starters, desserts and useful tips!

Pasta salads and other salads

Oh, Macaroni

This is a handy kitchen helper for spaghetti! And January 4th is Spaghetti Day and below you can read why!


Vegetable spaghetti

Foccacia is a delicious savory bread that fits well with all your Italian meals. A delicious recipe can be found here! And for lunch you will also find some delicious sandwiches below!



Vegetable lasagne


Oh, Penne


- Cannelloni

- Farfalle. - Yeah

Other recipes and pastas

Vegetarian recipes

Read in this post what a frittata is!

Oh, Frittata

- Polenta. - Yeah


- Pizza. - Yeah

Do you know what passata is? You read it here!

Gazpacho and sauces

Finally of this overview the desserts and coffee. Of course you drink a nice traditional cup of Italian coffee. Below you can see two blogs about real Italian coffee and chocolate milk how to prepare them!

Desserts and coffee

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