Sneeuwwitte winterfoto's

Het vrachtschip de Stern is bijna op de losplek. Het is weekend en dat betekent dat ook Laura meevaart aan boord. Ze zit aan tafel huiswerk te maken terwijl Siebren braafjes een zelfbedacht ballenspel speelt met zijn vormenstoof.
"Mama, weet jij wat een pleonasme is" vraagt Laura. "Sweeuwwit" antwoord ik. "Sneeuw is altijd wit dus je zegt tweemaal hetzelfde".

Dat kan ik niet zeggen van deze grauwe sneeuwfoto met lantaarn en verkeersbord bedenk ik. Terwijl ik de pin lospeuter van het prikbord en de foto in de afvalemmer gooi, somt Laura piekfijn nog enkele voorbeelden op.

Tijdens het ophangen van de  was aan de waslijn in de badkamer bedenk ik een tautogram met de letter w. Daarna zoek ik tips om sneeuwwitte winterfoto's te maken. Er wordt morgen sneeuw voorspeld en ik wil goed voorbereid op pad met mijn camera.

Wat ik opsteek bij het lezen van verschillende artikelen is, dat ik bij deze omstandigheden de belichting en de witbalans piekfijn in het menu aan kan passen.  Door al dat wit denkt je camera dat er veel licht is. Tot mijn verrassing  gaat je camera hierdoor automatisch onderbelichten met als gevolg dat je een te donkere foto met grauwe sneeuw krijgt. Om deze onderbelichting te voorkomen gebruik je de  plus-min functie van je camera. Haal ook je witbalans van de automatische stand en zet deze op daglicht of bewolkt. Zo verklein je het risico dat de sneeuw een blauwe kleur krijgt. Ik noteer alle tips om de standaard instellingen te kunnen wijzigen en bevestig die met plakband op mijn cameratas.  De raad om me goed warm aan te kleden en een deken mee te nemen, neem ik ook terharte. 

Dit verhaal telt 2x140 woorden, bevat de steekwoorden van de schrijfuitdaging december 2018 en past ook in de fotowoorden -en tautogramuitdaging.

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Missiles: The Cost of an Exploding Education
The recent escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine brought with it the traces of the pain of death and destruction caused by missile attacks on both sides.I do not want to delve into the ethnic or cultural origins of the conflict itself, but at a cost that, for me, is ignored. I mean the expense it represents.On the Palestinian side with Hamas, we are talking about two thousand rockets fired at an average of $ 400 each, yielding a figure of $ 800,000 (about 658,589 euros).While those fired by Israel from its Iron Dome system cost $ 50,000 each; So, if we place the same proportion, that is, 2 thousand rockets, it gives us $ 100,000,000 or about 82,323,700 euros.These € 82,982,289 are the equivalent of the cost of the most expensive university tuition in the Netherlands for about 5,533 students per year.But in Venezuela, where private university education lags far behind those costs, the number would skyrocket to benefit more than 50,400 students.The world needs - to be civilized - less weapons and more books.#education  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misiles: El costo de una educación que estalla La reciente escalada del conflicto entre Israel y Palestina trajo consigo las huellas del dolor por la muerte y la destrucción que causan los ataques de ambos bandos mediante los misiles. No me quiero adentrar en los orígenes étnicos o culturales del conflicto mismo, sino en un costo que, para mí, es ignorado. Me refiero al del gasto que representa. Del lado palestino con Hamas, hablamos de dos mil cohetes disparados a una media de $400 cada uno, arroja una cifra de $800.000 (unos 658.589 euros). En tanto que los disparados por Israel desde su sistema Cúpula de hierro tiene un costo de $50.000 cada uno; así que, si colocamos la misma proporción, es decir, 2 mil cohetes, nos da $100.000.000 o unos 82.323.700 de euros. Estos 82.982.289 de euros son el equivalente al costo de la matrícula universitaria más costosa en los Países Bajos de unos 5.533 estudiantes al año. Pero en Venezuela, donde la educación universitaria privada está muy por dejado de esos costos, la cifra se dispararía para beneficiar a más de 50.400 alumnos. El mundo necesita -para ser civilizado- menos armas y más libros.
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Just airing my heart.
Dear Yoorsies, old and new guard. Currently I am less active on Yoors. Yes, for me, too, that is because I have the feeling that the intended intention of creating beautiful content together moves into the background because a kind of grain culture has emerged. I have less fun writing and more and more feel that content matters less. Of course I can say that I'm quitting, that I'm leaving here.. I don't do that.. Why not? #stay #yoors   Yoors intent - When I started here on Yoors, I post every day, sometimes even more often one day. I got nice comments on a regular basis. I felt like I was going to build a kind of digital circle of friends. Nice, earning was less important, I just didn't have enough readers for that. In September, that changed. Earning was shaped in a different way and guys, it went really hard. (for my do then). Somehow this has become different. Yoors develops like a mad man, I think it's almost every day to find the right mode to share with each other in a beautiful and fair way. That's the intention I still believe in sacred. I really think there's a team behind Yoors that works in a very innovative, admirable way on something beautiful. On the way, that means that choices are being made. Choices that may not be mine. That really does not detract from the intention at all and when I'm honest, I didn't know in advance how it would turn out. So maybe, maybe I would have taken these steps if I had been at the helm. What I'm really sorry about is that I see people go away. Yoors is no longer what they want in their online environment. You know, I agree with them for a very large part. I'm not happy with the way things are going. Yet I still see the adjustments, the search. a great quest that's going to come out. For the hard core of Yoors, I think it should be clear that @Henkjan the Warrior has a vision. One of truly honest sharing and adding content to a digital world in a beautiful way. The route to get there is about bumps, trying out, trial and error. For those who think this is the final staton, you are right to quit. But be really honest. Is this the terminal station? What's wrong with being a little less active, now and then a peek and see how it goes. Nothing anyway? I trust that there is a very nice platform growing. A platform in which the whole world will gladly post. A platform in which you are encouraged to make beautiful. Worth the wait! And while you wait, write something beautiful now and then, follow each other and stimulate those people you do feel at home. Search between the lines for the possibilities you have to add something beautiful. I'll see you soon on Yoors, Yoors sincerely (oh yes, I'm going to do a promotion on this, just to make a point, I hope for real heartfelt reactions) Peerke