Even voorstellen. Ik ben Hilda en gebruik op Yoors de naam Klons.

Net als velen van jullie maak ik graag blogs en verdiep mij ook in nieuwe ideeën en verhalen van jullie. Wat geweldig dat het hier kan.

Naast blogs maken doe ik in mijn vrije tijd boogschieten, kajakken, ritjes maken maar dan achter op de motor. Een zoveel mogelijk zelfvoorzienend leven leiden met gebruik van eigen moestuin, zonnepanelen, elektrische auto, warm water solar systeem, aanplant acaciabos voor stookhout in de toekomst, houtkachel, kruidentuin. Wandelen in de natuur, hobby fotografie en lezen.

Oeps, bijna vergeten wat ik juist het allerliefste doe is koken en bakken. Heerlijke recepten zal ik onherroepelijk ook hier op Yoors gaan delen.

Wie nog tips heeft voor een boek schrijven, heel graag. Dat staat namelijk hoog op mijn to-do-lijstje.

Liefs en tot gauw allemaal,
Hilda (Klons)
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8 May 2021
Finally, it was. After a year of postponing our wedding, our big day finally came. By corona still a modified version of how we planned it, but getting married we would! We decided together that we would not move our wedding day another year. I haven't regretted that for a second.! Although our 'party' could not take place after the wedding, we certainly made it a party. The day guests consisted of the people closest to us and who love us. You can certainly say that our wedding was a very intimate, loving day. We got married at Landgoed Staverden. Here all day guests came together to witness our YES - word. After we have given each other the YES word, of course, we have toasted together. By the staff of the Estate, the canopy was quickly transformed into sitting tables. Although the guests did have a fixed seat, we as a newlyweds could connect everywhere. The guests had a good time and we had a chat with everyone. The rules were not followed very tightly and so it was a lot together.. Around 4pm the BBQ was thrown on and our food was made. It was a walking buffet and the food was very tasty. After dinner a large ice cream cake was brought and these pieces also went over the counter like hot sandwiches. After dinner closed the terrace, because we were finally still in the terrace closing zone of 18:00. Although time seems tight, we have not had the feeling of having to hurry. After the terrace closed we have with the day guests still made pictures on the Landgoed. Then we opened our house for those who wanted to drink an after-drink. All guests decided to have a drink and so we still had a small party at our home. An hour or 23:00 hours our taxi was at the door. The party ended, our house was closed and we left for our wedding night to a hotel. Despite everything we enjoyed this beautiful day. During our big day there were two photographers present who took beautiful pictures and made our day a beautiful memory. #marrying #photography #Staverden #estatestaverden #wedding #bride #brideegom #mr #mrs #Ja #yeahikwil #weddingdress #weddingphotography #estate #weddinglocation #weddingphoto
Art: Title: 'The dualistic separation does not exist'
Title: 'The dualistic separation does not exist' Technique: Bleu and black BIC-ballpoint pens Material: ink on white cardboard Size: A4 21 (W) x 29,7 (H) cm Artist: Robert Schuurmans Stekhoven Year: 2021 . Dualistic thinking arises from categorization and leads to an us versus them feeling, good versus evil and wrong versus good. Nuance is missing. Dualism leads to many misunderstandings and presents a false and too simple world view. Those in power use it more often. . #art #contemporaryart #artonpaper #power #ballpoint #bicballpen #ballpointdrawing #ballpointpenart #coloredballpointpens #tekening #drawing #kunst #artandpower #dualism #thinking #dualistic